KA0102-04-5LV2 PULUOMIS 5L KA0102 Electric Air Fryer with Digital Screen & Smart Control

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  • Item No.: KA0102-04-5LV2
  • Rated Voltage: 220-240V
  • Wattage: 1500W
  • Capacity: 5L
  • Dimension: 260*265*340mm
  • Net Weight: 4.77kg
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    More people today are becoming interested in eating healthier in recent years. In contrast to conventional greasy deep-frying techniques, the air fryer makes it simple to cook and produce tasty, healthy dishes. The KA0102 Electric Air Fryer is currently a popular gadget for every household that values health!


    Large capacity: A complete 4 pound chicken may fit in the KA0102 Electric Air Fryer's 5.3 gallon square baskets. Additionally, compared to spherical designs, corner areas offer additional cooking capacity and versatility. Prepare the ideal quantity of food for 2-4 persons all at once.

    Touchable and adjustable cooking: With the digital LED display panel, it is easy to read and use. Just tap a preset to automatically set temperature and time. The KA0102 Electric Air Fryer is ideal for a modern lifestyle and kitchen!

    Wide temperature range: Convection heat, which operates between 86 and 392 degrees Fahrenheit, enables you to speedily cook and crisp food while gently removing moisture from it.

    Safety guarantee: Anti-scalding handle can prevent from high temperature burn and provide safety guarantee.

    Long time setting: KA0102 Electric Air Fryer can be preset to 0 to 24 hours and it allows you to prepare the meal before you go out, without worrying about the time.

    Smart control: KA0102 Electric Air Fryer with smart controls makes your cooking more convenient and intelligent. You may remote-control your air fryer with Smart App. You may control the time and the temperature from anywhere, including outside your house. Next, press a single button to start making delicious dishes.

    More healthy and less fatty: It uses less oil and fat than traditionally deep-fried food, but it still tastes great. You can eat without being concerned about the increased fats.

    PULUOMIS can provide you with the best products, we believe our products can meet all your needs.


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