LB1101C Series of Dim to Warm Light Bulbs

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  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • PF: ≥0.5
  • Ra: 80
  • Material: PA+ALU+PC
  • Color Temperature: 1800-3000K

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LED Bulbs








LED Bulbs







LC1221C-5W2-DTW-G1 LED Halogen Bulbs  200-240  ≥0.5   1800~3000K  90  80 50*56mm
 LCA111C-12W2-DTW-G1  LED Halogen Bulbs 200-240  ≥0.5  1800~3000K 100  80  111*67mm
 LCA111C-15W2-DTW-G1  LED Halogen Bulbs 200-240 ≥0.5   1800~3000K  100 80 111*67mm


LED bulbs are the most basic form of lighting that we see in our daily lives. LED bulbs are popular in our homes and can be used in a variety of lighting fixtures such as sockets, pendants, desk lamps, and so on. PULUOMIS's new Dim to Warm Light Bulbs Series features adjustable color and brightness that can be used in a variety of scenes.

LB1101C 1

Product Details

Smooth Dimmig: Dimmable LED bulbs have no flickering and are completely silent. When compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, these high-lumen light bulbs provide brighter light when needed and smoothly dim from 3000K to a soft glow with greater clarity. The color temperature can be easily adjusted to suit the environment.

Warm Glow: Dim to Warm LED Light Bulbs provide comfortable lighting with a high CRI (color rendering index). Dimmable LEDs with a warm glow-dimming effect provide a new experience. The gradual dimming feature of these light bulbs dims from 3000K to 1800K, mimicking the warm tones of traditional bulbs.

LB1101C 2

Comfortable Lighting: To ensure eye protection, our LED Bulbs are subjected to stringent testing criteria such as flicker, strobe, glare, and color rendition. Dim to Warm Series meets the economic cost and super performance of ERP2.0, which is the most commonly requested range of European customers, and has a full set of CE, RoHS, and ERP2.0 certifications.

100% Warranty: If your LED night light has any quality issues, we offer lifetime friendly customer service and a 2-year warranty.

Unlike other dimmable LEDs, which simply make the room darker as the light dims, the PULUOMIS Dim to Warm LED Light Series reduces brightness while emitting a warm glow similar to incandescent bulbs. PULUOMIS can offer you the best products, and we believe that our products will meet all of your requirements. PULUOMIS Dim to Warm LEDs are unquestionably the best option for you.

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