Smart-CE2003 Bluetooth Voice Control Smart CCT RGB Ceiling Lights

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  • Voltage: 220V
  • Wattage: 15W/18W24W
  • Lumen: 1350lm/1530lm/2000lm
  • Ra: ≥80
  • PF: >0.9
  • Type: WiFi
  • Life time: 25000h
  • LED chip: SMD2835
  • Material: PC+PC


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Item No. Type Wattage Lumen Ra PF Size
Smart-CE2003CC-15W2-WFR WiFi 15W 1350lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø220*50mm
Smart-CE2003CC-18W2-WFR WiFi 18W 1530lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø280*50mm
Smart-CE2003CC-24W2-WFR WiFi 24W 2000lm ≥80 >0.9 Ø330*50mm
Smart-CE2004CC-15W2-WFR WiFi 15W 1350lm ≥80 >0.9 220*220*50mm
Smart-CE2004CC-18W2-WFR WiFi 18W 1530lm ≥80 >0.9 280*280*50mm
Smart-CE2004CC-24W2-WFR WiFi 24W 2000lm ≥80 >0.9 330*330*50mm

Product Details

Do you require the ideal inside lighting? may not only light up your house but also embellish the surroundings and set the mood. Your needs can be satisfied by the Smart RGB Ceiling Light from PULUOMIS.

Smart-Control-Dimmable-CCT-Smart-RGB-Ceiling-Light (9)

RGB+CCT+DIM: You may alter the color, color temperature, brightness, and contrast in a seamless and stepless manner. You may experiment with countless lighting options using just one lamp. Just adjust the lighting to create the ideal ambiance for reading, leisure, cocktail parties, movie evenings, and other activities. A rich and colorful smart home experience is produced by a diverse smart lifestyle.
Multiple Scene Selection: The Smart RGB Ceiling Light features 4 situations with various lighting modes and allows you to create your own own lighting design.

Smart Control: Use your home WiFi to manage your gadget with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, allowing you to operate your Smart RGB Ceiling Light hands-free. It is ideal for entering a room that is dark or with your hands full. Simply say something like, "Alexa, turn on the lights in the bedroom," to let go of your hands.
It is directly usable in bathrooms thanks to its IP54 water resistance and IK08 impact resistance.
Changeable with music in the mode: You can use the "RGB" option to get the lighting effects of parties, discos, and dances at home. This mode combines the rhythms of color and music.

Smart-Control-Dimmable-CCT-Smart-RGB-Ceiling-Light (8)

Improved Design: It has a thick, sturdy design that feels higher-quality.
Two years of assurance.

Exceptional Smart RGB Ceiling Light serves our modern lifestyle. The best items are available from PULUOMIS, and we are confident that they will satisfy all of your demands. The ideal option is PULUOMIS Smart RGB Ceiling Light.

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